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When we become sad?  When we desire something and its not fulfilled. When we want something badly, either things or relations and are not able to get them. “Our own created desires” make us unhappy/sad. Once we drop those desires, we’ll be happy again. Now question is “should we be able to drop our desires”. The answer lies within ourselves. We have to decide that we want to live our life in depression or we deserve better life.

Life is a continuous struggle from birth till death. Everyone is struggling in their own life only the scenario is different. For a better life we have to be a clear headed person that what we want in our life. Once goal set then go for it. Work really hard because only hardwork with  disciplined life pays off. While walking on your path, you’ll do alot of mistakes. Its ok. At least you are trying and moving towards your goal. Do’nt be sad /depressed on your mistakes/failures as they are key to success. Its not your fault. You are in a learning process . what you gain is an experience and there is no substitute for experience.

We also become sad/depressed , if we are missing someone we loved and now they are not in our life. I lost my young brother last october. That pain I found the most unbearable pain in life. But now I am happy for him because Allah/God has given us option to pray for our loved ones and that can increase their ranks in jannah and also their sins will be forgiven. If I look around, almost everyone praying for him. All close relations and especially my mom and dad. That thing gives me peace. I am happy for him because so many hands raising to pray for him. We all have to go one day but he has alot of people praying for him. May Allah forgives all his sins and gives him place in jannah.

There are people who love someone but they are not getting love in return. Remember one thing that we can’nt force anyone to love us and stay in our life. Think of the life in which the person you want ,in your life , is not at all interested in you. How miserable life that would be, even if you have them . Let them be free. If you want to have healthy relation then try to win others heart and soul and that you can do if you love someone unconditionally. The only way love can last for a life time is if its unconditional because,

“Love is unconditional, relationships are not”.   (Grant Gudmundson)

If you want to overcome your sadness then first of all you have to accept it that you are sad . Try to find out the reason of sadness and share it with people to whom you can trust. Its ok to be sad sometimes as its natural. Important thing  is to come out of it as soon as possible. Meditation and listening music also help to come out of sadness for some people. But tell you what…….

“Smile has strongest positive effect on our mood. So if you are feeling sad, try to smile and…

Keep Smiling:),

Noor Saeed.



Father – daughter’s first love and its true but I am here because I want whole world to know that how good husband he is.

My father has done Mechanical Engineering and then Master of Engineering in Mechanical design (stress analysis) and he is gold medalist. His job was designing, installation and commissioning of machinery plants and equipment. More than twenty three plants were installed and commissioned, under his supervision, by him and his team.

He is a very brilliant person. Along with his other qualities, he is a very good husband. My mom,in her forties, got sick to the level that she was not able to move even one finger. That day, I still remembered, when I was sleeping by her side in the afternoon. We woke up as usual for our tea time but when she got up, she fell down. I tried to pick her up. My father, brothers, everyone came to support her but she was not able to get up. Gradually, her whole body stiffed with time. We (me and my brothers) were very young at that time. My youngest brother was only eight years old. 

My father, even after that condition of my mom, took really great care of her and shared same bed with her. All friends, relatives and even my mom asked him to get married again but he refused. He said to my mom that you took great care of me , all through my life since we got married, you took care of my children and now its my turn. I saw him praying on plain floor,without praying mat, late at night and making dua for my mother. In the morning when I saw him giving massage to his knees and asked him that what happened baba/ father.He used to reply that nothing. I am fine. I know that my father did’nt move his leg whole night which was supporting my mother’s leg because she could’nt move. Once we turned her one side then she stayed there as she was not able to move by herself. My father never wanted to disturb her.

Got her checked everywhere. We came to know that she has “polymyositis disease”. Doctors said that she’ll be alive for few months more. My father did’nt give up. He studied homeopathic and got degree from well know institute. He started my mother’s treatment. After few months she started getting better. With both exercise and treatment, she was able to walk and move her body. Now still she is not able to get up by herself . We have to pick her up then she can walk but Alhamdulillah she is alive, cured and with us.

Now even after fifteen years, my father still love her very much. Its because of his love that she was cured. Its because of his love that she is still beautiful. I love my father from the core of my heart for loving my mom so much, for letting us know the true meaning of patience, for letting us know how to keep relations, for always being humble and polite, for always calling me and saying ;he had feeling  that I am not feeling good even if I did’nt inform him, for caring others and being so positive, for understanding and trusting me, for always praying for me and loving unconditionally.



Keep Smilingâ˜ș,

Noor Saeed.