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Teaching is my passion and I love it. There are no rules for perfect way of teaching because we all teach who we are? For example, my students apart from learning sales and marketing, human resourse management, lean management, business management; also learn how to be more confident and have positive attitude towards life. How they can grow with their existing skills? They also learn to say thanks for whatsoever they have in their life to achieve more. For teachers , its very important to love, what they teach.

For a good teacher its important,

  • To understand the psyche of their student. All students are different with different psyche. 
  • Get yourself introduced to each other so that they feel bit easy. Its not good to start teaching just after entering the class. Especially, when you met your student for the first time.
  • Know your students – their talents, background, prior experiences.
  • Ask your student that why they need this certification. They should be clear about it.If you are teaching in school and colleges, even then its important to make the base of a student. If they are going to study any subject, tell them what this subject is all about. 
  • We can’nt teach all students the same way. Some are visuals, some like reading from book and others want both ways to follow. We have to ask them in the start that how they are comfortable in learning then use that medium. Thats how they’ll be in more accepting mode and will be able to learn more effectively.
  • Be very simple in your teaching because its all about them and not about us that how expert we are in that particular topic/subject.
  • For a teacher its very very important to go down to your student’s level and bring them up to your level. Please do’nt ever criticize your student whether you are teaching in school, colleges, universities or as a trainer. Its your job to read your student’s mind and teach them accordingly. By the time they leave that classroom , they should know each and everything you know. Their concepts should be very clear.
  • Good teaching is always two way communication. Involve your student in discussions. Encourge them to give their point of view as well for the related topic. Even if they are wrong, no issues. Let them think and use their mind. Make them comfortable that its ok if they are wrong, give it a try. Always encourge them if they share their ideas.
  • Give them day to day life examples to make their concepts clear. Mostly students learn quickly like this.
  • Once lecture delivered then repeat the topic. Do’nt be boring and maintain an eye contact with your student. 
  • Ask them questions and listen to them. Check whether their concepts are clear or not. If they are trainee then give them case study related to their background, where they are working. In this way they’ll learn more. 
  • Make groups of students. Give them topics to discuss. Let them have group study. If you have trainees then ask them to prepare case study about each others organizations. That will help them to not only know their organization way of working but also the other organization way of working. 

Here I would also like to share one incident for those parents who without knowing or listening their child started scolding them because teacher complaint about them. Its not must that teacher is always right. My son was studying in year 3 . I used to teach him by myself . I know his all plus minus points. He was very good in studies as I mentioned above I believe in making base of student and giving clear concept. After mid-term he showed me his maths paper. There I saw all addition sums he did correctly then rub it  and write wrong answer. I inquired him because I knew that he was very good in maths. He told me accurate answer. I asked him why you did’nt write here the correct answer. He told me , “Mama teacher asked me to rub the answer and instead of solving it vertically, count them horizontally and then write the answer”. I checked and count it horizontally and answer was the same which he wrote. I got shocked that why teacher did this. I went to management and explained everything and asked them a favour that in next exams that teacher should’nt be in his class and they should check his paper when he finished then afterwards when she checked. They did the same and caught that teacher as she herself ,this time, rubbed and changed his answer. The reason I found out was that her own child was in the same class and she did all this to make her child position best in the class. 

After this incident, my son appeared in IBT test middleeast and got award for excellence in maths and high distinction in english along with my other two sons who got high distinctions. So its my request to all parents that please listen to your child as well. What situations they are facing. Then take any action.

For teaching its all about that,


Keep Smiling:),

Noor Saeed.