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We always fear our future and the future is yet to happen. We started assuming things that it’ll happen in future and also assuming their results that make us worried . Being fearful means we are suffering with that which does’nt exist. Its all in our mind and as deep as our mind allows.

To fear something is again natural phenomena and almost every person fear something at some stage or at different timings. But we should be brave enough to conquer our fear. Here I am not talking about phobia which is extreme form of fear like fear of places, heights, flying etc . I am talking about fear of future happenings.

Stress is another name of fear. We keep ourself stressed because we fear that something bad gonna happen or things are not going to happen the way we want them to be. Do’nt take stress and do’nt let that fear stops you from achieving your goals in life.

We do’nt follow our dreams just because we fear failures. Howcome you know that you’ll not be able to achieve your goals and even that, without trying. Its all in your mind. Its not failure itself. Its feeling of failure in your mind that stops you from achieving your goal. Thats only your thought, nothing real but because of that you are refraining yourself from what you can do best in your life. As I have explained before as well that failure is one of the process of success. We can’nt learn anything from just being perfect and not doing any mistakes. All of us are humans. We’ll certainly do mistakes. All of us…. So no worries. You are in learning process. Once failed does’nt mean that you can’nt try again. We fear to try again because we are just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason again or from our failures. What if you succeed this time?. Try try again. Do’nt think what people gonna say about your failure, how they’ll react and about their rejection. If twenty will be against you, rest eighty will be with you. So that does’nt matter. Keep on trying. Atleast you are not sitting and passing negative comments on others. You are working hard to achieve your goals.

Past can’nt be changed and future is unpredictable but your good thoughts with positive approach can make your present and future better. Try to live in the present day. Living in present day does’nt mean that we do’nt plan our future. It means once planned then work in that direction but no need to take tension or stress. Otherwise you’ll stop enjoying your life. Each single day is a blessing and enjoy it fully. Enjoy even small moments in your life like spending time with your family, watching movies, going out for fun, dining out, even having cup of tea or coffee with your loved ones. Enjoy it. Like this you’ll be able to enjoy your whole life except I know things happened  in our life but deal them as and when it comes. Keep on thinking of something will not solve our problem rather it’ll increase it.

I always tried and love to enjoy my every single day with my family. Although I also planned for future but I live in a present day. I am also following my dreams by spending each day beautifully and  not by taking tension or fearing something. If we allow ourself to relax and live in a current day then life will be alot more better and beautiful. Nothing can harm us except Allah’s/ God’s will. If its written then its gonna happen but do’nt forget that we’ve option of prayer to even change our fate. So better pray for your good life along with doing your best effort for achieving your goals.

Fear is not real. Its all in our mind. Think positive, believe in yourself, be confident and courageous to…..


Keep Smiling😊,

Noor Saeed.