The spring season is here in Dubai. Yesterday, I went with my family to a park in Dubai. There I saw colourful flowers, nice, refreshing wind was blowing and the sound of the birds, all were giving so positive energies and feeling of happiness. There we played basketball and tennis. The whole time spent there was very pleasant. 

I like spring season as many flowering plants bloom this time of year. Everywhere looks green and colourful because of blooming trees and flowers. My mother is very fond of having beautiful flowers in our house. Every spring season our house is full of  different colourful flowers and green trees. Nice fragrance spreads everywhere. We used to enjoy alot our family time by sitting in the garden with bloomed flowers, sweet fragrance, birds voices, greenery all around and on top of that having a cup of tea . Family time was  and is still very precious for me. We should try to spend more and more time with family other than our working hours. The memories of that time will always give you very sweet and pleasant feeling.

Spring is the best time to visit Dubai as well as temperature is moderate (below 30 degree). People can spend their time on the beautiful beaches of Dubai and can explore the cities of UAE. If you want luxury limousines then do’nt hesitate to contact us☺.

Keep Smiling☺,

Noor Saeed.


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