Our children are not our property, they are part of us. We’ve to deal them with love, politeness, and care. We’ve to love them instead of showing possession only. They are angels, very innocent souls.


  • Continuous praying for them as your prayers are their biggest assets of life.
  • Deal them with love and care.
  • Whenever they come to you, to share something, listen to them attentively so they feel that you are taking interest in what they are saying.
  • When they do something for us, help us in any manner that could be even a glass of water they give us, say thank you to them. They’ll learn like this to say thank you so that when we’ll do something for them they’ll be thankful to us.
  • Talk to them in a polite way so they can be polite to us.
  • Give them confidence that they can share each and everything with us without any hesitation. Not like that if they share something you start scolding them. Be like a friend.
  • They’ve to move in a society. Tell them good and bad touch and be very open up to child about this right from their childhood. Train them to share everything with you.
  • We’ve to be very observant and notice any change that comes in our child behaviour . Try to discuss out things with your child about what he/she is going through.
  • Do’nt let anyone to exploite your child. Tell your child about exploitation and how one can take advantage of them. Train them to be very transparent with you so you can help them in that situation.whether its in school, college,university level or even at work place. Our child always needs us. 
  • If they are weak in something like studies, give them confidence that its ok not to be perfect and try to work out things with them so they improve, without letting them feel that you are helping them.
  • Many people now a days suffering from personality complex. Please guide your child from their childhood that they are perfect the way they are. Tell them that you are creation of Allah/God and you cannot be more perfect then this. We should be happy about this fact that our creator is Allah/God and we should love ourselves.
  • Many students bully other students at school, college and university levels especially if your child is habitual of sharing things with you. They get label of mummy,daddy’s boy/girl. Give confidence to your child that they are doing the right thing and they should inform those people that not only once, thousand times we’ll share things with our parents. Then they’ll not bother them. 
  • If you are educated then try to teach your child by yourself. Make their strong base in studies. If you are muslim then try to teach them” The Holy Quran” by yourself. Like this whenever they’ll recite Quran you’ll get reward as well. If you see its a life time investment and life time reward.
  • Help them in their studies. I’ve seen few parents who without knowing the fact that what your child is going through , started scolding their child within the school infront of teacher, on a complaint from teacher’s side. Please try to find out the truth. I’ve seen teachers who used to have personal grudge with a child because parents point out something about them. Stay very close to your child. (I’ll write article about teacher students relationship in detail later based on facts and how we can improve that as I am also a trainer).
  • Spend time with your child daily. Watch any favourite programme of them, have gossips, listen each and everything they want to share about school , friends and teachers.
  • Do’nt leave your child alone with a maid or any other person . Keep an eye on maid. If you are working then bring your parents to your place. Its better to leave your child in the presence of your parents with maid.
  • Puberty period is the most important time of your child. Please stay very close to your child and explain each and everything to your child ,according to their age ,in advance. This is the stage where they can be guided wrongly by friends and other people around them. Give them confidence that they can discuss anything with you and that people can exploite them because of not having awareness.
  • If we’ll be like a friend with them and they are relaxed in our company, can share anything with us then believe me that its blessing for both of us .

To conclude I would say that,

  • Want them to respect you then show them respect from childhood.
  • Want them to listen to you then listen to them when they are sharing something. Do’nt ignore. They also have heart to feel and mind to think.
  • Want them to pray then pray infront of them right from their childhood.
  • Want them to appreciate what you do and be thankful to you then be thankful to them ftom their childhood for small,small things they do for you.

They learn from us. Its our way of teaching, bringing up of our child that has big question mark? When we’ve children then we need to put time and effort both with them. Stop possessing your child, start loving them because,


Keep Smiling☺,

Noor Saeed.


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