“Do’nt mess with her”, its true especially when you have five brothers (MaShaAllah) who are there to take care of you when you are in school, college and university. Alhamdulillah, I am blessed to have five brothers and my childhood memories with them are very sweet.

Being the only daughter and sister , I was the princess of my own little kingdom (my home) where anything I need , I got it very easily.I was so dear to my parents and brothers. At school everyone was afraid of my brothers because they were tall and broad. No one can dare to mess with me at that time. 

Me and my brothers used to play cricket,football,basketball,badminton,table tennis and all other cultural games because we have big ground in our home . As I was brought up with brothers so thats why I was even talking the way boys used to talk. I never played with dolls. I was good in volleyball and baseball at school ,college level and got cups as team captain. Fabric painting was also one of my hobby.

At night, when me and my brothers used to walk on a terrace, we used to discuss many things. I still have their many secrets but no worries bros your secrets are still safe with me☺. Thank you Maan/mother, Baba/father and bros for making me feel so especial and giving me sweet memories. In this world where people think that daughters are burden, you make me feel like princess. Thanks for everything- the things you guys brought for me because you know I like them, trying to protect me everytime. Maan for making everytime new dress for me because only you know what style I like the most. Baba for loving me unconditionally and giving me alot of confidence.

“Love your daughters because they are blessing of Allah/God and they deserve your best.”

Keep Smiling☺,

Noor Saeed.



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