Stop being exploited by others. Do’nt let others take advantage of you. Many of you will find it hard and is not aware of what to do and how to live with it. Make sure one thing, the person who is exploiting you right now and asking you to do so many things against your will, is gonna do the same thing after using you. Why to keep yourself in pain for a so long. Its just fear of unknown that he/she might do some act which will go against you and you’ll suffer alot. But thats what they gonna do after exploiting you so many times.


Please open up about your any act gone wrong or accidentally happened something to your parents. Those whose parents are not in this world they can share it with a person to whom they can trust the most. Never get exploited by these people. If they are saying that they’ll do this or that then ask them to go ahead; do it. Face your fears to overcome them. Believe me that they’ll do ,what they are exploiting you about, even after taking your advantage because if they are that good why they are exploiting you. 

We are human beings not angels. We sure do mistakes or things happened accidentally.When Allah/God seeing and knows everything then why we be afraid of people. You might be afraid that opening up about your incident will have bad impact on your life or you may lose some relations but thats going to happen after getting exploited as well. This all fear is in your mind. Once you open up about it then you’ll feel more light . May be, you have to pay penality for what you have done wrong but it’ll not be as painful as getting exploited whole life for it. Think about it.

Remember, things happened in life . As I said before that we are not angels.Be open up to your parents/loved ones about it so they can show you the right path to follow. 


Keep Smiling☺

Noor Saeed


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