Want to live a happy life then be grateful for what you have in your life. 

Be Grateful To Allah/God :

First of all we have to be grateful to Allah/God for all the blessings he has given to us. We are,

  • Alive
  • Healthy
  • For each new morning
  • Have family
  • Have loved ones
  • Have food to eat
  • Have clothes to wear
  • Have kids
  • Have house etc

Alot of things to say Alhumdulillah /Thanks to God. Whatsoever we have ,we must be grateful for that. The more we will be grateful, the more we will get in our life what we wish for. Especially during dark days of our life, we always need to see what we have rather whats not happening well as per our desire. Believe me that if  we’ll have this attitude  then we’ll come out of those circumstances very fast. Magic is thanks to Allah/God all the time.

Be Grateful To Parents:

We also need to be grateful to our parents by ,

  • Letting them know that we care
  • Taking them out and spend time with them.
  • Telling them that we love them.
  • Saying “Thank you” regularly.
  • Giving them a present.
  • Sitting and listening to them when they are sharing their past life experiences.
  • Calling them regularly, if we are away from them.
  • Always making them feel important.

Be Grateful To Your Friends:

Also be grateful to your friends and people around you for always being there when you need them. Gratitude is the key that opens the door of happiness in our life . So,


Keep Smiling☺

Noor Saeed


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