You ‘ve nothing to make me stay , except your precious love ;

The love , which you always afraid to accept ,

The love , that make you different from others ,

The love , you claimed to be so deep ,

The love , you showed as true love ,

The love , you found as twin love ,

The love , that our souls are in ,

The love , that hearts longed for ,

The love , that put us in deep pain ,

Yesss !!!

The love , your way of love .

Because of one God gifted blessing ,

You did’nt care about others,

You used that blessing to make yourself happy ,

While keeping others in ambiguity & in pain ,

When ,

People asked truth about us ,

My reply to them ,

Truth lies between you , me & our creator.


Wait that day,

Till ,

You’ve courage to accept your love ,

Without being afraid of the whole world ,

Without having any back door ,

Without having any excuse .

When ,

Your sayings are that one truth ,

That even you can’nt deny.

IF !!! EVER,

you wanna me to stay ,

Then you know what you need to give me ,

Only truth , care , respect & love ,

Because ,

You’ve nothing to make me stay , except your precious love.

Keep Smiling ☺,

Noor Saeed.



Soo hows this sweet pain ??

So yours , so mine .

Well !! Thats the real taste of ,

The love so divine .

You may think you was in love before ,

But tell me , how this feeling you’ll define.??

There is no distant love, patient ,

Crying or waiting for sign.

Communication , the first rule of love ,

Everything comes later , its the baseline.

Lovers do wanna know about each other ,

What they are doing ? Are they really fine .

And ya !

When three wishes already fulfilled,

Consider mine only wish as well, in the line.

I’ve done my part, cannot blame me anymore,

Be bold, think & act, now its your turn, your time.

Tell me then……

Hows this sweet pain ??

So yours , so mine.

Well !! Thats the real taste of , the love so divine.

Keep Smiling ,

Noor Saeed.


Wait , wait , wait ,

A little bit more ,

Till your mind don’t wanna think anymore ,

When only thinking is not to think but act ,

When your restless heart captured your mind and make it restless,

Although things are moving on its way ,


Wait , wait , wait ,

A little bit more ……

Till even if you’ve someone to love ,

But you can’t concentrate ,

And being panic leave that place ,

Because the only thing you want

will be the one you love ,

You hallucinate her here & there, everywhere ,

Although things are moving on its way ,

But ,

Wait , wait , wait ,

A little bit more …….

When the only solution to your pain is ,

to rush to the one you love ,

When love conquers all your fears ,

When your painful & restless heart

scream in front of the whole world ,

Yes !!!

I do love you and I am not afraid of anyone ,

Although things are moving on its way ,

But ,

Wait ,Wait, Wait ,

A little bit more……


Let me be your biggest addiction & cure ,

The only medicine for your sickness,

& the only love so pure ,

The only calmness of your heart ,

The only comfort of your madness,

The only light in your darkness ,

The only desire of your soul ,

The only peace of your mind ,


When both tears & smiles confess ,

YES !!!

I do love you

& I am not afraid of anyone ,

Although things are moving on its way ,

But ,

Wait , wait , wait ,

A little bit more ……..

Till your mind don’t wanna think anymore,

When only thinking is not to think but act .

Noor Saeed,

Keep smiling ☺



“Husband & wife ” sounds typical , so boring for so many people but tell u the truth, it’s so beautiful relation if we follow few things to keep it alive. Don’t worry I am not going to tell you that dine out in fine restaurant, buy a gift , go for outing , spend time together etc. I know everyone know this all & heard so many times.

Let’s talk about practical life. First of all , there is no third person in between husband & wife. No friends , no parents, not even your’s children. “NO ONE MEANS NO ONE “.As no other person can help you if both of you don’t wanna stay together , rather for having a good relation better always try to keep things only in between both of you. Because the moment its out of you two , your relation is finished. Then there are as many minds & tongues to justify things which you both may otherwise can accommodate & move on in a positive manner in future , if you hold it to yourself. All relations are important & we should respect them but have to keep all at their place. Only husband & wife relation is like that where no one can help them.

My personal experience is that if we share our any issue with friends or family members , things have gone worse because they don’t know about your partner. They know only that we inform them. The image of our partner , in front of them , is the way we portray them. Whereas we ourselves not only know there negative point but also positive points as well. We are the one who knows about their good qualities & bad one also. But to others for taking advice , usually always in anger , we highlight only the negative side of our partner & got suggestions / response accordingly. As per my view we should not discuss any personal issue with anyone , if we want to keep a long term relations.

Another thing is to stay away from people who are angels & saying that they never fight in their whole life. Those who are saying that are lying. Biggest lie of the world. None of us are same. We are different people with different thoughts, likes & dislikes . There always come conflict sometimes. It’s always good to have healthy argument on different issues & then come to conclusion. There also comes time where one of us got out of control & we said many things which we don’t mean it otherwise while having normal life. Things happened. See !! If the base of your partner is good , basically he / she is a good person & have good moral values then it’s ok. Small things happened in all relations & can be accommodated. We also try to avoid that situation in future. So in a way , if see the positive side , we learn something more about each other as for sure there was something annoying for one of us which caused it & which should be avoided . Core point is if you wanna stay with your partner or not. If yes then forgive each other & move on for a better future . If we’ll keep things in our mind , we’ll suffer & our relation gonna suffer as well. Important is we should forgive each other for our peace of mind.

Only thing that shouldn’t be tolerated is if one of them physically abuse the other. Never tolerate that because if someone is doing that it means they are habitual of that behaviour. People who physically abuse in relation can never change & this is for sure because they take you for granted. Even no religion allow this practice.

Most of the people used to see a lot of negative point in their partner & always complaining / discussing negative issues. At the end , all they see in their partner are , negative things. Whenever you are in that state then sit down , take paper & pen , write down all plus & minus points of your partner. You’ll see always good points gonna be more which while fighting or in tough circumstances, we forgot & started blaming each other.

There is also one false concept both in men & women that they can take each other away from their blood relations to have complete hold of each other. Blood relations can never be separated. No matter how much you give it a try. I’ve seen so many people working on this in their relation for years & making themselves tired because at the end those relations are still there. We should better accept them & give them respect & their place because they are not giving you any harm. No one can take each others place. Husband , wife , father , mother , brother , sister etc , all have their own unique & respected place . Its we who ask them advice , so they give us. If we can keep our relation to ourselves & can solve our matters then they are not coming to bother us. They’ve their own life. Only we should know how to keep all relations in place in a respectful way.

Always be open to each other , if you wanna stay with each other & have no other agenda. Share each & everything the way you feel , good or bad ,Never hide your feelings from your partner. May be sometimes things have gone worse because of this but don’t worry. We’ve to open up ourselves with our partners as life partners are not only typical husband & wife but also friends. We’ve to share the way we feel , our happiness , our sadness , our childish behaviour , our arrogance , our faults etc. If they still stay with you then it means they really love you. Because howcome we be posing with someone we’ve to spend whole life. Never criticise each other’s personalities & try to improve mutually. Because after getting married we reflect ourselves in our partner. The way our partner looks is what we are. It’s our confidence, love & trust that reflects in them. So you are how your partner’s look.

Never take decision while you are angry as we are not thinking properly at that time. The most important thing in life is to enjoy it with whatsoever you’ve along with your family. Allah /God has blessed you life, so enjoy it fully. If we & our family members are healthy then we’ve to say billion times thank you to our God. Rest everything can be handled in daily routine life in one way or other , along with prayers.

Sooo always stay positive & keep things in between both of you then you can go through anything. Remember ,


Keep smiling ☺,




Enjoy , enjoy, enjoy ,

Enjoy the condition of others ,

But be prepared ,

While enjoying don’t forget the pain you are going to have ,

When I’ll leave you silently ,

Without making any noise ,

Even your heart will not be able to Listen my leaving steps ,

THEN for sure you’ll have lifetime to think about leaving me ,

You’ve to try ,

If failed then try again ,

Try , try , try ,

May be you’ll be successful one day ,


Wait till I leave you & you are free ,


You enjoy , enjoy, enjoy ,

But this time , not my condition ,

Only yours……..

Keep Smiling ☺,

Noor Saeed.

Loved the way you played with me….

Loved the way you played with me….

I love the way you played with me ,

You tried to make me fall in love ,

You did everything you can ,

You was successful ,

BUT what now ??

Why can’nt you move on ?

Still you with me ,

Before you was trying ,

Now you are telling ,

What you did ?

Come on , you still with me,

Try , may be you can move on ,

But what will be the solution ??

If your mind couldn’t stop thinking about me ,

Your heart while playing forgot what to do ?

Its stuck !!

No problem , I can help you out ,

BUT wait !! What to do ??

If they’ll not Listen to me ,

If your eyes still gonna tell all the truth ,

If you lost and couldn’t find the way out ,

I know it’s gonna be painful,

BUT there should be some solution ,

Ok , fine.

Lets do this way ,

Let me forget you & you keep my memories ,

Let me keep my pure love with me & you try to stop loving me ,

Let my truthful heart be in peace & your heart restless ,

Lets my soul be with me & yours searching for me ,

Lets see this feeling in your eyes till your last breath ,

What ??

You think not possible ,

THEN tell your eyes to learn to hide feelings.

And ya ,

Make sure one thing apart from that ,

Don’t forget to smile as its life,

So keep smiling & try not to miss me with each smile ,

Because I loved the way you played with me ,

And for that you deserve my best smile…….



Why you love me so much ,

That I couldn’t find any substitute of your love.

Why you trust me so much ,

That I just have to say something and you believe.

Why you believe me so much ,

That I need not to give you explanations.

Why you understand me so much ,

That with my voice pitch you know how I feel.

DAD !!

why you let me go away from you ,

When you know that,

No one gonna love me like you do,

No one gonna trust me like you do,

No one gonna believe me like you do,

No one gonna understand me like you do.

DAD !!

Why I miss you so much today ,

Yes !! I wanna tell you I miss you a lot,

You , my ocean of pure love ,

The only love which never change my whole life,



Noor Saeed.