Now a days when everywhere there is technological era , still sometimes we are unable to communicate. Yes, its true. People to whom we want to communicate the most , we could’nt because of the distance between us and we are unable to express our feelings to them. Lack of communication leads to many misconceptions or assumptions which can often lead to wrong perception.

Today I would like to communicate my point of view about;


#and people who try to make others happy


General criticism about people who wrote about positivity is that that they are also facing same negativity in life & so on. Yes, we do experience everything like any other person in the world. We are also part of this world. There is nothing new or special for us. Things happened the same way but the only difference is how we look on that incident or event. Are we able to see its positive or negative side. Both exists everytime. But two people will see it differently. One will see its positive side while other will see its negative side. So, positivity does’nt mean that everytime everything  is so perfect. Its way of looking at different incidents or events in a positive way.


Another concept that the most injured heart try to make everyone happy. Thats 100% true but these are the people who even after bearing so much negativity from people around them , are still able to give something positive to the society. Thats require real courage and its their strength. Otherwise we can find so many people complaining about so many things which is of no use to society.

I am sure there are many untold stories in everyone’s life which we can’nt share publically but they do exist. Why we can’nt share is because of the people in that story and their privacy. But infact those people are the one who has strong impact on your life. Who made you what you are now. So in a way we’ve to be thankful to them as well.

To conclude I would say,


Keep Smiling 😊,

Noor Saeed.



Maximizing customer value through reduction of work wastes.


To eliminate muda/waste in all aspects of firm’s production activities: human relations, vendor relations, technology , the management of materials and inventory.


Any activity that consumes resources but creates no value is muda/ waste.


  • Transportation 
  • Inventory 
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Overproduction
  • Overprocessing
  • Defects


The concept of lean management was developed by the Toyota executive, “Taiichi Ohno “who first identified the seven types of muda / waste. Toyota motor corporation is the world largest automaker by volume. Its vehicle production system is a way of “making things” which is well known and studied worldwide.

The Toyota production system (TPS) was established based on two concepts: 

JIDOKA – means when problem occurs, the equipment stops immediately, preventing defective products from being produced.

JUST IN TIME (JIT)  –  In this second concept, each process produces only what is needed, when it is needed and in the amount it is needed, in a continuos flow.


  • Low productivity
  • Prolonged cycle time
  • Costly organization
  • Wastage
  • Dissatisfied customers and employees


  • Manufacturing industries but can be equally applicable to both services and administration processes.
  • Currently also adopted by food manufacturing and meat processing sectors.


5S represents 5 disciplines for mainting a visual workplace ( visual controls and information system). Its basically a strategy for creating a well organized, smoothly flowing manufacturing process. 5S is short for;

SORT (SEIRI) – Sort through items and keep only what is needed while disposing what is not.

STRAIGHTEN (SEITON) – “A place of everything and everything in its place”.

SHINE (SEISO) – The cleaning process often act as a form of inspection that exposes abnormal and pre- failure conditions that could hurt quality or cause machine failure.

STANDARDIZE ( SEIKETSU) – Develop systems and procedures to maintain and monitor first three S’s.

SUSTAIN (SHITSUKE) – Maintain a stabilized workplace is an ongoing process of continuous improvement.



PDCA was created by W Edward Deming in the 1950’s . His purpose was to use it with a continuous improvement process to help rebuild Japanese industries so that they could compete in the world market in the future.

PDCA cycle consists of ; Plan , Do, Check and Act.



  • clarify objectives
  • Identify possible causes
  • Benchmark best practice
  • Identify team roles
  • Implement quick fix



  • Carry out trials to prove causes
  • Analyse data to understand how problem occurs
  • Identify possible solution



  • Data
  • Countermeasure
  • Training
  • Communication



  • Review feedback and make corrections
  • Standardise Do, Check, Act.


    Because by following lean management concepts organizations can,

    • Reduce costs
    • Eliminate waste
    • Increase productivity
    • Maintain high level of quality
    • Significant increase in profit

    To conclude, I would like to say that Lean management is the process from “Muda” to “Shinrai”.




    Keep Smiling 😊,

    Noor Saeed.



    We always fear our future and the future is yet to happen. We started assuming things that it’ll happen in future and also assuming their results that make us worried . Being fearful means we are suffering with that which does’nt exist. Its all in our mind and as deep as our mind allows.

    To fear something is again natural phenomena and almost every person fear something at some stage or at different timings. But we should be brave enough to conquer our fear. Here I am not talking about phobia which is extreme form of fear like fear of places, heights, flying etc . I am talking about fear of future happenings. 

    Stress is another name of fear. We keep ourself stressed because we fear that something bad gonna happen or things are not going to happen the way we want them to be. Do’nt take stress and do’nt let that fear stops you from achieving your goals in life. 

    We do’nt follow our dreams just because we fear failures. Howcome you know that you’ll not be able to achieve your goals and even that, without trying. Its all in your mind. Its not failure itself. Its feeling of failure in your mind that stops you from achieving your goal. Thats only your thought, nothing real but because of that you are refraining yourself from what you can do best in your life. As I have explained before as well that failure is one of the process of success. We can’nt learn anything from just being perfect and not doing any mistakes. All of us are humans. We’ll certainly do mistakes. All of us…. So no worries. You are in learning process. Once failed does’nt mean that you can’nt try again. We fear to try again because we are just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason again or from our failures. What if you succeed this time?. Try try again. Do’nt think what people gonna say about your failure, how they’ll react and about their rejection. If twenty will be against you, rest eighty will be with you. So that does’nt matter. Keep on trying. Atleast you are not sitting and passing negative comments on others. You are working hard to achieve your goals.

    Past can’nt be changed and future is unpredictable but your good thoughts with positive approach can make your present and future better. Try to live in the present day. Living in present day does’nt mean that we do’nt plan our future. It means once planned then work in that direction but no need to take tension or stress. Otherwise you’ll stop enjoying your life. Each single day is a blessing and enjoy it fully. Enjoy even small moments in your life like spending time with your family, watching movies, going out for fun, dining out, even having cup of tea or coffee with your loved ones. Enjoy it. Like this you’ll be able to enjoy your whole life except I know things happened  in our life but deal them as and when it comes. Keep on thinking of something will not solve our problem rather it’ll increase it.

    I always tried and love to enjoy my every single day with my family. Although I also planned for future but I live in a present day. I am also following my dreams by spending each day beautifully and  not by taking tension or fearing something. If we allow ourself to relax and live in a current day then life will be alot more better and beautiful. Nothing can harm us except Allah’s/ God’s will. If its written then its gonna happen but do’nt forget that we’ve option of prayer to even change our fate. So better pray for your good life along with doing your best effort for achieving your goals. 

    Fear is not real. Its all in our mind. Think positive, believe in yourself, be confident and courageous to…..


    Keep Smiling😊,

    Noor Saeed.



    Teaching is my passion and I love it. There are no rules for perfect way of teaching because we all teach who we are? For example, my students apart from learning sales and marketing, human resourse management, lean management, business management; also learn how to be more confident and have positive attitude towards life. How they can grow with their existing skills? They also learn to say thanks for whatsoever they have in their life to achieve more. For teachers , its very important to love, what they teach.

    For a good teacher its important,

    • To understand the psyche of their student. All students are different with different psyche. 
    • Get yourself introduced to each other so that they feel bit easy. Its not good to start teaching just after entering the class. Especially, when you met your student for the first time.
    • Know your students – their talents, background, prior experiences.
    • Ask your student that why they need this certification. They should be clear about it.If you are teaching in school and colleges, even then its important to make the base of a student. If they are going to study any subject, tell them what this subject is all about. 
    • We can’nt teach all students the same way. Some are visuals, some like reading from book and others want both ways to follow. We have to ask them in the start that how they are comfortable in learning then use that medium. Thats how they’ll be in more accepting mode and will be able to learn more effectively.
    • Be very simple in your teaching because its all about them and not about us that how expert we are in that particular topic/subject.
    • For a teacher its very very important to go down to your student’s level and bring them up to your level. Please do’nt ever criticize your student whether you are teaching in school, colleges, universities or as a trainer. Its your job to read your student’s mind and teach them accordingly. By the time they leave that classroom , they should know each and everything you know. Their concepts should be very clear.
    • Good teaching is always two way communication. Involve your student in discussions. Encourge them to give their point of view as well for the related topic. Even if they are wrong, no issues. Let them think and use their mind. Make them comfortable that its ok if they are wrong, give it a try. Always encourge them if they share their ideas.
    • Give them day to day life examples to make their concepts clear. Mostly students learn quickly like this.
    • Once lecture delivered then repeat the topic. Do’nt be boring and maintain an eye contact with your student. 
    • Ask them questions and listen to them. Check whether their concepts are clear or not. If they are trainee then give them case study related to their background, where they are working. In this way they’ll learn more. 
    • Make groups of students. Give them topics to discuss. Let them have group study. If you have trainees then ask them to prepare case study about each others organizations. That will help them to not only know their organization way of working but also the other organization way of working. 

    Here I would also like to share one incident for those parents who without knowing or listening their child started scolding them because teacher complaint about them. Its not must that teacher is always right. My son was studying in year 3 . I used to teach him by myself . I know his all plus minus points. He was very good in studies as I mentioned above I believe in making base of student and giving clear concept. After mid-term he showed me his maths paper. There I saw all addition sums he did correctly then rub it  and write wrong answer. I inquired him because I knew that he was very good in maths. He told me accurate answer. I asked him why you did’nt write here the correct answer. He told me , “Mama teacher asked me to rub the answer and instead of solving it vertically, count them horizontally and then write the answer”. I checked and count it horizontally and answer was the same which he wrote. I got shocked that why teacher did this. I went to management and explained everything and asked them a favour that in next exams that teacher should’nt be in his class and they should check his paper when he finished then afterwards when she checked. They did the same and caught that teacher as she herself ,this time, rubbed and changed his answer. The reason I found out was that her own child was in the same class and she did all this to make her child position best in the class. 

    After this incident, my son appeared in IBT test middleeast and got award for excellence in maths and high distinction in english along with my other two sons who got high distinctions. So its my request to all parents that please listen to your child as well. What situations they are facing. Then take any action.

    For teaching its all about that,


    Keep Smiling:),

    Noor Saeed.



    When we become sad?  When we desire something and its not fulfilled. When we want something badly, either things or relations and are not able to get them. “Our own created desires” make us unhappy/sad. Once we drop those desires, we’ll be happy again. Now question is “should we be able to drop our desires”. The answer lies within ourselves. We have to decide that we want to live our life in depression or we deserve better life.

    Life is a continuous struggle from birth till death. Everyone is struggling in their own life only the scenario is different. For a better life we have to be a clear headed person that what we want in our life. Once goal set then go for it. Work really hard because only hardwork with  disciplined life pays off. While walking on your path, you’ll do alot of mistakes. Its ok. At least you are trying and moving towards your goal. Do’nt be sad /depressed on your mistakes/failures as they are key to success. Its not your fault. You are in a learning process . what you gain is an experience and there is no substitute for experience.

    We also become sad/depressed , if we are missing someone we loved and now they are not in our life. I lost my young brother last october. That pain I found the most unbearable pain in life. But now I am happy for him because Allah/God has given us option to pray for our loved ones and that can increase their ranks in jannah and also their sins will be forgiven. If I look around, almost everyone praying for him. All close relations and especially my mom and dad. That thing gives me peace. I am happy for him because so many hands raising to pray for him. We all have to go one day but he has alot of people praying for him. May Allah forgives all his sins and gives him place in jannah.

    There are people who love someone but they are not getting love in return. Remember one thing that we can’nt force anyone to love us and stay in our life. Think of the life in which the person you want ,in your life , is not at all interested in you. How miserable life that would be, even if you have them . Let them be free. If you want to have healthy relation then try to win others heart and soul and that you can do if you love someone unconditionally. The only way love can last for a life time is if its unconditional because,

    “Love is unconditional, relationships are not”.   (Grant Gudmundson)

    If you want to overcome your sadness then first of all you have to accept it that you are sad . Try to find out the reason of sadness and share it with people to whom you can trust. Its ok to be sad sometimes as its natural. Important thing  is to come out of it as soon as possible. Meditation and listening music also help to come out of sadness for some people. But tell you what…….

    “Smile has strongest positive effect on our mood. So if you are feeling sad, try to smile and…

    Keep Smiling:),

    Noor Saeed.



    Father – daughter’s first love and its true but I am here because I want whole world to know that how good husband he is.

    My father has done Mechanical Engineering and then Master of Engineering in Mechanical design (stress analysis) and he is gold medalist. His job was designing, installation and commissioning of machinery plants and equipment. More than twenty three plants were installed and commissioned, under his supervision, by him and his team.

    He is a very brilliant person. Along with his other qualities, he is a very good husband. My mom,in her forties, got sick to the level that she was not able to move even one finger. That day, I still remembered, when I was sleeping by her side in the afternoon. We woke up as usual for our tea time but when she got up, she fell down. I tried to pick her up. My father, brothers, everyone came to support her but she was not able to get up. Gradually, her whole body stiffed with time. We (me and my brothers) were very young at that time. My youngest brother was only eight years old. 

    My father, even after that condition of my mom, took really great care of her and shared same bed with her. All friends, relatives and even my mom asked him to get married again but he refused. He said to my mom that you took great care of me , all through my life since we got married, you took care of my children and now its my turn. I saw him praying on plain floor,without praying mat, late at night and making dua for my mother. In the morning when I saw him giving massage to his knees and asked him that what happened baba/ father.He used to reply that nothing. I am fine. I know that my father did’nt move his leg whole night which was supporting my mother’s leg because she could’nt move. Once we turned her one side then she stayed there as she was not able to move by herself. My father never wanted to disturb her.

    Got her checked everywhere. We came to know that she has “polymyositis disease”. Doctors said that she’ll be alive for few months more. My father did’nt give up. He studied homeopathic and got degree from well know institute. He started my mother’s treatment. After few months she started getting better. With both exercise and treatment, she was able to walk and move her body. Now still she is not able to get up by herself . We have to pick her up then she can walk but Alhamdulillah she is alive, cured and with us.

    Now even after fifteen years, my father still love her very much. Its because of his love that she was cured. Its because of his love that she is still beautiful. I love my father from the core of my heart for loving my mom so much, for letting us know the true meaning of patience, for letting us know how to keep relations, for always being humble and polite, for always calling me and saying ;he had feeling  that I am not feeling good even if I did’nt inform him, for caring others and being so positive, for understanding and trusting me, for always praying for me and loving unconditionally.



    Keep Smiling☺,

    Noor Saeed.



    The spring season is here in Dubai. Yesterday, I went with my family to a park in Dubai. There I saw colourful flowers, nice, refreshing wind was blowing and the sound of the birds, all were giving so positive energies and feeling of happiness. There we played basketball and tennis. The whole time spent there was very pleasant. 

    I like spring season as many flowering plants bloom this time of year. Everywhere looks green and colourful because of blooming trees and flowers. My mother is very fond of having beautiful flowers in our house. Every spring season our house is full of  different colourful flowers and green trees. Nice fragrance spreads everywhere. We used to enjoy alot our family time by sitting in the garden with bloomed flowers, sweet fragrance, birds voices, greenery all around and on top of that having a cup of tea . Family time was  and is still very precious for me. We should try to spend more and more time with family other than our working hours. The memories of that time will always give you very sweet and pleasant feeling.

    Spring is the best time to visit Dubai as well as temperature is moderate (below 30 degree). People can spend their time on the beautiful beaches of Dubai and can explore the cities of UAE. If you want luxury limousines then do’nt hesitate to contact us☺.

    Keep Smiling☺,

    Noor Saeed.